Indu Nagda

Colors And Shapes Inspire Me...

As a short introduction, I’m Indu Nagda, a contemporary artist from India who have been in love with art and craft since childhood. Since I can remember, I have been intrigued by the creative world, which created within me a passion for drawing, painting, and creating art and crafts.

I’m also in love with nature! The natural world around me inspires so many of my artwork, with natural elements or things I see in nature often taking center stage in my art.

The world we live in can be so harsh and cruel sometimes. My hope is to inspire people to be more kind and loving through my artwork, and live together in peace and harmony.

Welcome To My Website

Welcome to my website. I’m honored that you have visited, and look forward to inspiring you with some beautiful Art & Crafts and Paintings.

On my website, you’ll find some of the artwork and craft I’ve created over the years, as well as a gallery where you’ll find a variety of goodies.

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